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What Are the Benefits of Dog Security for Your Premises?

29th December 2022

When it comes to providing the very best security services in Birmingham and beyond, our team of fully-trained security personnel is unparalleled. As a security contractor we cover every aspect of property and event security. This includes a team of security dogs and handlers approved to NASDU standards to help keep your property secure.

Why Choose K9 Security for Your Property Security?

K9 security or security guard dogs have long been used as property protection and a visible deterrent for antisocial behaviour and trespass. Trained dog services can help protect your premises beyond the usual manned patrol. Security dog teams trained to NASDU (National Association of Security Dog Users) standards are fully equipped to handle a range of situations with complete professionalism. They follow a strict code of practice to ensure they meet the standard of property and event security required. All dogs go through careful character vetting procedures before training to ensure complete professionalism and peace of mind for our clients.


What Are the Benefits of Dog Security Services?

There are a wide range of benefits to using security dog services. When patrolling premises or guarding properties, guard dogs can be a fantastic deterrent for security threats ranging from violence to theft and more. As a physical presence, guard dogs can act as a visible warning to those planning on entering a property without permission whilst also being able to raise the alarm when a situation does arise. Trained dog patrols allow security teams to be alert to any irregularities on your property and identify potential security concerns.


In addition to being a visible deterrent for security threats, NASDU approved dog teams can be specially trained to detect the presence of drugs making them an asset at events or in situations where drugs are suspected to be present. Our highly-skilled dog handlers complete rigorous training to ensure they meet strict requirements. With a trained guard dog in attendance, the chances of criminal activity decrease dramatically whilst the added benefit of a trained dog’s sense of smell and hearing provides an invaluable asset to your property protection.


What Dog Security Services Do You Provide?

At ISA Support Services, we have access to a wide team of dog handling specialists fully trained to NASDU standards. Our SIA-approved professional security dog handlers are qualified to handle any manner of situation. They work especially well when combined with our portfolio of support services. We can put together bespoke trained security dog packages to suit both small and large premises. We can also provide security dog patrols for unoccupied land and event spaces.


Inquire About Security Dog Services

To find out more about our dog security teams, contact ISA Support services now online or by calling 03301 071 300 to talk to our security professionals. We can provide full security and support services for your business or event with bespoke packages to fit your needs.